Amazing haha

God I miss him so much :(



You know that type of laughter that starts off as a small chuckle but kinda builds up inside your throat, eventually mounting into a full blown, bent over yourself, holding your stomach as you guffaw uproariously?Yeeeep.

this should be a sculpture about the human condition entitled ‘Unbridled Optimism Meets An Uncaring Universe’

There are photos that tell a story, then there are photos that tell a story.

The most respectable moment in sports is after a Stanley Cup Playoff series. When players line up and shake hands after beating each other up for anywhere between 4 and 7 games. One is elated. The other, heartbroken.
Today the first series of the 2014 playoffs ended. Montreal swept the Tampa Bay Lightning in commanding fashion. 

I don’t even need to talk to anyone right now and I would make 10 calls from this. 

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